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Custom Closets


While many businesses offer walk-in closets, more and more homeowners are choosing to design their own custom closets. These masterpieces of organization merge form with function for a functional art that can’t be found in a store.

Designing a custom closet starts with the basics: shelving, hanging rods, drawers or pull-outs, shoe racks, or other storage units for linens. Custom closet organizers are then measured out to fit the space precisely, allowing for an unusual level of customization.

Shelves can be adjusted to different heights, with custom shelves including dividers that are sized exactly to the owner’s possessions. In some cases, a wall is pulled out to allow for extra shelving space.

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Custom Closets

Most closets have hanging rods, but customized closet designs may include drawers or pull-outs that extend from the bottom of a shelf rather than the top. Some homeowners opt to replace an upper shelf with a series of such drawers so they can access their belongings without having to remove everything on a shelf.

Many Storage Options

In some cases, a custom closet may include a shoe rack or other storage units for linens that are built into the design of the unit. This allows homeowners to have their shoes and folded clothes in one space without having to walk around a traditional closet rod.

These types of closets often seem more like a dressing room than a storage space. All too often, however, homeowners opt for functionality over form, opting for the barest of shelves and rods rather than an attractive design that highlights their favorite clothes or shoes.

By hiring a professional designer who can understand your personal style as well as the practical needs of your closet space, you can create a custom closet that is both functional and visually appealing.

Custom closets often stand out in a home simply because they are so unusual. Rather than the basic, open spaces of many walk-in closets, these units are designed to highlight personal tastes and needs. For example, a homeowner who loves shoes may choose to have several shelves for storing open boxes and closed storage drawers where she can keep her most prized pairs.

The Right Style

This style of the closet also often fits spaces in unusual ways that other closets don’t. If a wall is moved or another shelf is added, the floor space can be used in unique ways. For example, in some cases, shelving can be arranged in a way that allows for a sitting area or computer desk to be included.

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